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Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 (2013)

When Tony Stark's world is torn apart by a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin, he starts an odyssey of rebuilding and retribution.

Category: Hollywood


Duration: 02 H 10 M

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6.8

Movie Views: 10

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Robert Downey Jr.

as Tony Stark / Iron Man

Gwyneth Paltrow

as Virginia "Pepper" Potts

Don Cheadle

as Colonel James " Rhodey" Rhodes

Guy Pearce

as Aldrich Killian / The Mandarin

Ben Kingsley

as Trevor Slattery

Rebecca Hall

as Maya Hansen

Jon Favreau

as Happy Hogan

James Badge Dale

as Savin

Stephanie Szostak

as Brandt

Paul Bettany

as Jarvis (voice)

William Sadler

as President Ellis

Dale Dickey

as Mrs. Davis

Ty Simpkins

as Harley Keener

Miguel Ferrer

as Vice President Rodriguez

Wang Xue-qi

as Doctor Wu

Shaun Toub

as Ho Yinsen

Pat Kiernan

as Himself

Thomas Roberts

as Himself

Bill Maher

as Himself

Joan Rivers

as Herself

Noah Visconti

as Neptune's Net Boy

Ashley Hamilton

as Taggert

Glenn Foster

as Pushy Tabloid Reporter

Anthony Reynolds

as Helicopter Pilot #1

Kendrick Cross

as Helicopter Pilot #2

John Eddins

as Mandarin Look-Out

Spencer Garrett

as Rose Hills Sherrif

Jan Broberg

as Senior Technician

Andrew Lauer

as Satellite Technician

Nate Bynum

as Technical Director

Tom Virtue

as Thomas Richards

Roy McCrerey

as President's Aide

Serdar Kalsin

as Scared Insurgent

Yvonne Zima

as Miss Elk Ridge

Stan Lee

as Pageant Judge

Adam Pally

as Gary the Cameraman

Cullen Moss

as Extremis Candidate

Rebecca Mader

as Sweat Shop Agent

Paul Andrew O'Connor

as Mandarin Guard

Steve Wilder

as Annoyed Mandarin Guard

Luciana Faulhaber

as Mandarin Party Girl #1

Kary Musa

as Mandarin Party Girl #2

Mike Massa

as Tony's Guard

Mark Kubr

as Ponytail Express

Jenna Ortega

as Vice President's Daughter

Corey Hawkins

as Navy Op

Linden Ashby

as Commander

Sala Baker

as Extremis Soldier

Dan Brown

as Extremis Soldier

Fernando Chien

as Extremis Soldier

Ilram Choi

as Extremis Soldier

Kiante Elam

as Extremis Soldier

Mark Fichera

as Extremis Soldier

Colin Follenweider

as Extremis Soldier

Mark Ginther

as Extremis Soldier

Dennis Keiffer

as Extremis Soldier

Samuel Le

as Extremis Soldier

Mark Aaron Wagner

as Extremis Soldier

Chris Gethard

as Juan (uncredited)

Nick W. Nicholson

as White House Reporter (uncredited)

Mark Ruffalo

as Bruce Banner (uncredited)

Bridger Zadina

as Richie (uncredited)


Shane Black


Kevin Feige


Jon Favreau


Stan Lee


Shane Black


Jack Kirby


Stan Lee


Brian Tyler


John Byrne


Victoria Alonso


Stephen Broussard


Louis D'Esposito


Alan Fine


Dan Mintz


Charles Newirth


Drew Pearce


Jeffrey Ford


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