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Mangal Pandey

Mangal Pandey (2005)

The film begins in 1857, when India was ruled by the British East India Company. Mangal Pandey is a sepoy, a soldier of Indian origin, in the army of the East India Company. Pandey is fighting in the Anglo-Afghan Wars and saves the life of his British commanding officer, William Gordon. Gordon is in . . .

Category: Bollywood


Duration: 02 H 30 M

Release: 2005

IMDb: 5.9

Movie Views: 1

Downloaded: 0


Aamir Khan

as Mangal Pandey

Toby Stephens

as Captain William Gordon

Om Puri

as Narrator

Kirron Kher

as Lol Bibi

Rani Mukerji

as Heera

Ameesha Patel

as Jwala


A. R. Rahman


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